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I have been reading this wonderful blog for the past month or so. The name of it is My Charming Kids. This lady, MckMama blogs about everything in her life. I found it from looking on someone else's blog and seeing this picture in the sidebar of this baby and it said Praying for Stellan on it. Stellan is her son and I'll let you read about it on her site because I know that I can't do the story justice. Well, after reading about her family and what's going on, I became absolutely hooked on her blog. She is a believer in Christ which is so amazing and it just helps remind other believers and non believers about God and about some things that we forget some times. Well, she posted something I think yesterday Tuesday about "Not an Island". Here's the first paragraph of her post.

"I enjoy Simon and Garfunkle's music, but they certainly weren't playing my song
when they sang "I am a rock, I am an i-i-iiiii-sland." A rock feels no pain and
an island never cries? That is, like, totally definitely not me. And I am glad
I'm not an island in the crazy walk of life. I definitely feel pain. I cry for
sure. And I am not alone."

Her post goes on but in the end she is asking people to leave there prayer requests in the comments section of that post and she will pray over them and the people posting will pray over some if not all of them if they so choose. It is a vessel that God is using and it so touches my heart to see her pour out her heart and generosity to the world. It is a definite must read. She is such a beautiful person and really glorifies God in all that she does.


As I was reading over the prayer requests on the blog above, I started thinking. There are so many people right now that are having trouble financially. I know for us it hasn't been easy since my husband lost his job almost 2 years ago. We felt God was calling us to farm. My husband has always enjoyed it and his parents lived on the land. So, that's what my family is trying to do for a living. But, getting back to my post. I thought maybe I'd talk about farming/gardening for a living/family. I know some people may not be interested in this but. Buying a couple of packs of seed to grow doesn't cost nothing compared to how much we spend on groceries and fast food. You can pretty much get just about any pack of seeds at Lowe's or some garden store for under $2 each. All you have to do is break up the ground where you are planning to plant your seeds. Also, if you don't have a lot of yard space, don't worry. It doesn't take much to really plant a few seeds of each type of thing you want to grow. Also, if you don't have any yard that is able to put seeds in, then consider container gardening. You can find just about anything to put some soil in and plant your seeds. Any rubbermaid tub that you would normally use for organizing will do. Just make sure you have something deep enough for what you are planting.

Basically, what I'm getting at is. Plant a garden. Plant a little extra to either stock up for the winter in your freezer or canning. Or go to the area farmer's market to sell your extra veggies. People really appreciate it whether it comes from a farm or someone's backyard. There are many urban farmers at farmer's markets. Here's one that comes to our market that we sell at. Small City Farm. Here's a link to their About the Farm page. So, that can be another means of helping your family financially and nutritionally as well.

My husband and I feel so grateful that we get to do this. I still work an 8 to 5 job Monday through Friday. We are working to get me home on the farm and raising our 6 1/2 month old precious little boy. Hopefully and prayerfully I will be home before the summer ends. We'll see. I know it's in God's timing, not mine. We feel that God has called us to farm. To till the earth.

Herrick Kimball writes in one of his blog posts "Gardening and caring for creation was man’s original calling." He goes on to explain what agrarianism is and what christian agrarianism is. Herrick has written many posts about many things that we hold dear to our hearts. Please visit his blog and rummage through his past posts. He no longer posts except once a month which you will find a link to it on the home page. He is a very good writer and has many essays about "Living the Good Life". Here's the link to his homepage.

Getting back to tilling the earth. We grow closer to God when we farm. Just like the last couple of weeks on our farm. We've been worried sick about providing for our CSA members. The rain has hendered us planting as much and as often as we would have liked. We have our first pick up this Saturday and some things were still smaller than we'd liked. Well, we have had major thunderstorms come through our area this last week. God is so good. Even though we haven't been able to plant anything hardly these past few days, God has made all of our crops that are in the ground grow so so much. Basically, when we have lightening, it takes the nitrogen out of the air and helps it to be more accessible to the plants. Laughing Owl Farm explains it way better than me here. If you scroll down, he talks about it under the heading 'Hail Storm'.

We worry for no reason. God has everything under control. We sometimes just can't let go sometimes and have faith that He will provide. It is so easy for us to get so worked up over little things. We worry when God wants us to 'put all our cares on Him'. I know I have that problem alot. It's like I can't let go of the reigns. Well, I'll write more later. I hope you visit some of these wonderful links that I've inserted into this post. These are some wonderful links and people to get to know.


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