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I wanted to let everyone know about the sale going on at Marie-Madeline Studio this week. It's different fabric every day. Sign up for their newsletter to find out what that is daily or just visit their blog.

Funny how God leads you somewhere. I love the fabric and patterns that Marie-Madeline Studio carries. And I started looking at their links on their blog tonight. I came across the blog, Ah the Life. Well, it just so happens that one of the recent posts is an interview with The Long Family aka Marie-Madeline Studio. Okay. I don't know if everyone knows this yet or not but my husband and I believe that a wife is the keeper of the home. Not that I'm home yet. But we're still working things out. Anyways, so does the Long family and I'm pretty sure they think children are a blessing from God. Check out the post and see!
I want to sew so bad. I am trying to get up enough nerve to actually buy more fabric. You see, I want to sew some skirts for myself. And then hopefully make a few to sell at Cotton Ginning Days in about a month. I know we'll probably have handmade goat milk soap, lip balm, crocheteed and knitted items, and hopefully some handmade sewn items.
Definitely stop by Marie-Madeline Studio to check out their fabulous fabric, patterns, and handmade items.


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