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I am feeding my son good wholesome food. REAL FOOD. Food that God made and not some imitation that somebody is trying to get rich off of. Here's the link to how we are feeding our son. We are going by the Weston A. Price website when introducing certain foods.

So, of course, I'm trying to teach my parents to understand this. They are helping to keep my son during the summer months. With that, they are feeding him solid foods and I'm making sure it's the foods that I find acceptable. Well, my parents are older, 66 and 72 years old. My mom in the past few months just started taking blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. I find that unacceptable. Not because I don't want her healthy but because those medicines won't help her stay healthy. I was searching on the Weston A. Price website yesterday trying to find articles with information that I could show them helping them to realize that she needs to stop taking the medicine. I found some things, thank God. If you go by those articles I found my mother didn't/doesn't have high cholesterol at all. And using that medicine could totally be disastrous for her health. With them watching Riley and having to feed him healthy real food, maybe this will change the way they eat.

This is the articles from the Weston A. Price website that I showed my parents about cholesterol.

Low Cholesterol

Myths and Truths about Cholesterol pamplet

Cholesterol: Friend or Foe?

Benefits of High Cholesterol

I stopped by my local, very small branch library yesterday to look for some books that I might show my parents about nourishing traditional food. I didn't find anything that I'd already read. So, I still got some things but it was for me, not them. Most of what I checked out was cookbooks. They seemed to be older cookbooks that hopefully had some traditional recipes in them. I haven't looked through them much yet. I did get this one book that Food Renegade recommends called, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life." It is a very fascinating read and I'm only on page 16. Crazy, huh? It honestly touches me because it is so close to home for us. We're farmers, not always the best ones. But, we live and learn every day of our lives. And we rely on God to sustain us and help our crops grow. We really rely on Him in so many more ways than that but that's a good starting point. I can't wait to finish reading it. probably by the end of the weekend if I can find some free time. Also, I checked in over at the Food Renegade website this morning and found an amazing post, "Lessons on Real Food from 100 Years Ago." There is a book she talks about that she's reading right now. The book she is referring to in the post is "Graded Lessons in Physiology and Hygiene" by William O. Krohn, M.D., Ph.D. That link for the book goes to the whole book on Google Books if you'd like to read it online. Once I read the quotes from the book in her post, I knew I had to search for it. It makes total sense. It is so funny how what we as Real Food Renegades know now, they also knew 100 years ago. Funny how it's all pretty much common sense.


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