Marie Madeline Studio Quilt Giveaway!

Marie-Madeline Studio has yet another giveaway!  Awesome, I know.  I just love their cloth and their blog.  You can go over to their blog to see all the rules.  But I'll try to list all the ways you can enter.  Also, I almost forgot.  You can choose between the two quilts below if you win.  Awesome.  I can't decide which one I'd rather have. They make the most gorgeous things.  I hope to make things this pretty.  Maybe with their cloth I might.  See below for all the ways you can enter.

To enter the giveaway, go to their blog.

  1. Leave a comment, and let them know your email address and name.
  2. Another entry, send over a friend or two, and comment on it.
  3. For 5 more entries, grab the button on their sidebar.
  4. You get 5 more entries for grabbing one or both of the Quilt Giveaway buttons.
  5. Blog about the giveaway and receive 10 more entries.
  6. Share this on facebook for 10 more.
  7. Share this on Twitter for 10 more.
  8. Spend less than $50 in their store to receive 25 entries.
  9. Spend more than $50 in their store to receive 50 entries.
The giveaway ends December 13, 2009.  They will pick the winner the next day.


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