Target Deals Scored 1/9/10 and 1/10/10

Update:  Oh yeah, and that picture sure does make you realize how far my family is from eating real traditional whole foods.  Very very far from it!

My sister and I went to Target last night  to use her All Small & Mighty $2.00 coupons.  They ran out today and she had a lot left.  Honestly, I'm amazed at what amazing deals we got there.  First, we bought things of course we had coupons on and they had to be pretty good deals for us to buy them in the first place.  I bought some Gerber onesies for my son and two shirts for $3 each.  Also, Dixie paper plates, some of the cute little travel size bandaids and first aid kits to go.  My total before the coupons for the All Small and Mighty travel size was about $17 or so.  Final price I paid was $5.77!  Honestly, I was stunned when I walked out of there last night.  And then we went back today to get some more.  Today my total should have been somewhere around $25 or so.  I paid $7.69!  I bought so much stuff today it was crazy.  The picture I've posted is from today's shopping trip.  Let me know what kind of deals you've scored lately!


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