Long Awaited Blessing

Riley is absolutely beautiful and amazing. God is so good!! I'll have to add a picture later.

I'm finally back to a semi normal routine. After having Riley, everything that used to be normal has gone out the window. I went back to work in mid December. I had Riley 3 weeks earlier than expected. So, now I hope to keep up with this blog. I have stumbled across a lot of things in the past couple of months. First and foremost, I make my own formula for Riley. My husband and I stumbled across the website www.WestonAPrice.org. We found the recipe that we use in the Nourishing Traditions book and also on the Weston A. Price website. It has a lot of info about nutrition and how people used to eat. They ate traditional, nourishing food that had many more nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and good bacteria than what we eat now. Amazing how things have changed. But, there is so many people out on the internet willing to help you learn how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. I have already added some of the blog links to my blog. It is amazing learning what some things are made out of or what has been done to them. I'll talk more about everything in later posts. I hope to start blogging about my daily life with a child and with eating healthier and such. Also, I had never had raw, unpasteurized milk before. Thank goodness I don't live too far from the South Carolina line. It is illegal for anyone to sell raw milk for "human consumption" in North Carolina. It is legal in NC for anyone to sell it for "pet consumption". How stupid, I know. Anyways, it is really really good and has many health benefits. Heating milk (pasteurizing it) kills good and bad bacteria. If you don't heat the milk, then the good bacteria take over the bad bacteria. Anyways, I hope to post often. Thanks for reading.


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