Saving Money!!

I have been going crazy the past month or two with coupons and trying to get the best deals using my coupons.  I love finding awesome websites that help me understand the deals and how to use my coupons to get the best deals.  I've posted a couple of them previously.  I love Couponing to Disney.  Kristen, the owner of Couponing to Disney is amazing.  She has saved SO SO much money for their Disney trip that they are taking at the end of May.  She has only started saving for her trip since June 1, 2009 and she already has $1972.51 saved and her goal by May 20, 2010 is $2600.00.  I think that is absolutely fantastic and so did my husband.  That's why my husband and I have decided to start doing something similar.  Except this will be to pay off our debt instead of saving for a trip.  So, hopefully, we'll be able to start dwindling our credit card debt down to nothing.  I'll post more about this later.


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