Traditional Foods for New Year's Day

My mom loves to make the traditional New Year's Day meal every year.  But, one thing she doesn't think about is getting all of her ingredients local.  It doesn't even cross her mind.

If you want to buy your pork and greens locally you really have to stay on top of when your local farms will be out and about to get them.  Grateful Growers Farm will be at the Charlotte Regional Market from 1pm - 5pm on Tuesday, December 22, 2009.  If you need any pork, they are the farm to go to this year.  With the bad weather we had this past weekend, many local farmers didn't get out to the market.  Or at least none of my favorite local farmers.  I really don't know if any of my other local favorite farms will be at the market this week.  We can only see.  

photo credit: clayangel_sc on flickr


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